ABOUT Adult Products Distributor and Importer

CLIMAX - G  is an importer and distributor of adult products since 1999.

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in the field , we market many products to improve sex life and which will

take your climax to new heights .

CLIMAX-G: Your Preferred Online Shop for Adult Products

Love is not a language to express, and so is human pleasure. It can only be expressed in the

form of physical intimation. Hectic schedules of individuals often result in reduced sexual

interests. Pressure from work may be the reason of your premature ejaculation which

causes hindrance in healthy sex life. Sometimes due to many reasons like premature

ejaculation and various other medical reasons the fantasies often remain hidden and


Sex toys are objects that help you explore your fantasies and satisfy your sexual needs.

These sex toys are designed to give you pleasure through vibrational or non-vibrational

modes and are available for both men and women to enjoy.

Climax-G is among one of the most experienced adult products distributors and has a

collection of a wide range of sex products designed for the sexual wellness of couples

including men and women individually. These products are a perfect choice if you wish to

improve your sex life by sexual intercourse prolongation and add more enjoyment while

fulfilling your inner desires.

The complete range of sexual wellness for men includes Delay Sprays including Deadly Shark

Delay Sprays, Procomil Men's Delay Spray, Super Viga Sprays, Super Dooz and many more

available in different variants, which may help to prevent premature ejaculations and

prolong the duration of sexual intercourse. Sexual wellness for women has a wide range of

sex toys for woman like G-Spot vibrators, Silicone Vibrator, Flexible Realistic Dildo Vibrator,

Waterproof Vibrator and many more that are suitable for different levels of pleasure and

are available in several sizes. The sex drops including different varieties like maxwomen sex

drops, spanish fly sex drops, blue wizard sex drops available are meant to arouse women’s

inner desire and increase the duration of intercourse.

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